King's Cross - Café, Bar, Club

King’s Cross

Capture your Amsterdam experience here at King´s Cross!

Special beers
Smoker friendly
Open 365 days a year

King’s Cross
Warmoesstraat 95
1012 HZ Amsterdam

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Monday 10:00 – 03:00
Tuesday 10:00 – 03:00
Wednesday 10:00 – 03:00
Thursday 10:00 – 03:00
Friday 10:00 – 04:00
Saturday 10:00 – 04:00
Sunday 10:00 – 03:00


Experience laughter, fun and love at King´s Cross. A cafe, bar and a club with a homey atmosphere in the heart of Amsterdam. Smoke, drink, dance and feel free to defeat expectations in the city where everything is possible. Open 7 days a week, our passionate team is always ready to give you the true Amsterdam feeling. By changing vibes by the hour you will experience unforgettable moments and create friendships that will last a lifetime!

King's Cross
Warmoesstraat 95
1012 HZ Amsterdam

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reviewNishant Patel
9 reviews

Hands down one of the best pubs to chill out and have a good time in Amsterdam. Smack right in the middle of the city and near to the heart of Amsterdam. Would tell each and everyone reading this please check the place out once and trust me you will fall in love with it. P.S: there could not have been a staff more helpful and cheerful then this.

reviewZsófia Grimm
43 reviews

Great bar in the middle of the red light district! I don't smoke and I was surprised to find out it's absolutely breathable in there! Plus point for the Hoegaarden straight out of the tap YUMM!!

reviewJoanna K
32 reviews

The best bar in Amsterdam; nice and cosy , staff is friendly and a huge shoutout to Aaron!! So helpful and chatty, helped us with places to go and things to do in the city! Great experience, good music and nice atmosphere, was our spot every day for the whole of our 3 day trip!

reviewScott Uren
17 reviews

Great pub to have a drink and a smoke. Good music and friendly staff.